Dare To Dream ~ Dare To Do!
Featuring Dennis & Carol McBride

"Dare to Dream ~ Dare to Do!" is an energetic, entertaining, encouraging, and educational program that combines original music, humor, yo-yo tricks and other visual aids to reinforce the importance of goal-setting and self-discipline in a childís life.

Carol sings our original theme song as Dennis performs amazing Yo-Yo tricks.

We can adapt "Dare to Dream ~ Dare to Do!" to almost any setting, including church youth groups, Scouts, YMCA groups, day care programs, and camps. Even adults have a great time of encouragement and entertainment with "Dare to Dream ~ Dare to Do!"

The Hoberman Sphere illustrates how dreams can grow into marvelous accomplishments.

Students try their hand at a few yo-yo tricks.

For more information please advance to:
Email: DennisMcBride@yoyomaster.com