(Copyright 1991, Dennis McBride)

I was thinking I could never win,

But then I found a yo-yo and I began to spin

Round and round and up and down,

Oh what a sight to see

Now I understand the magic it can be, the magic it can be.


Iím spinniní, spinniní every night and day,

Spinniní all my cares away,

Doiní the tricks that are sure to bring a smile.

Spinniní, spinniní and Iím feeliní fine

íCause spinniní does it every time.

Come on along and spin for awhile.


Friends would tell me, "Donít you be a fool.

Playiní with a yo-yo isnít very cool."

But pretty soon they changed their tune

And now youíll hear them say,

They canít get enough of spinniní every day, spinniní every day.

Theyíre spinniní . . .


If youíre up tight and tryiní to unwind

Grab yourself a yo-yo and soon youíre gonna find,

This little toy will bring you joy

Itís such a wondrous thing

Then you too will want to lift your voice and sing, lift your voice and sing.

About spinniní . . .


(Copyright 1997, Dennis McBride)

Dare to dream, dare to do.

Put feet to your dreams; help your dreams come true.

Give it your best, the best you can do.

When you give it your best, the winner is you!


Youíve only begun, to be all you can be,

So look at your dreams, tell me what do you see?

If theyíre good and theyíre right, if theyíre really worthwhile,

You have nothing to fear, go ahead with a smile.

You can do it, so do it. Go on, get to it!


But what if you try, and what if you fall?

Or what if youíre weary from giving your all?

Well, donít you give up, and donít you give in.

Just pick yourself up and then try it again.

You can do it, so do it. Go on, get to it!

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