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School Assembly Program

~ Middle Schools ~

• The message sent was loud and clear. . . . The yo-yo tricks were a masterful way of keeping the students focused as well as entertained. I am glad that our students had the opportunity to attend such a presentation and hear the message about dreaming and doing. Bobby Hudspeth, Principal, Manteo Middle School, Manteo, North Carolina

• This is the finest assembly I have seen in my 25 years of teaching. James Cathey, Principal, Nike Middle School, Gardner, Kansas

• Excellent program! The Yo-Yo tricks are impressive - equally impressive is the message. Hal Shortsleeve, Principal, Windham Middle School, Windham, Maine

• Excellent presentation. A very positive way to present such an important message to children. Thank you. Lorna Endreson, Principal, Baxter Middle School, Portland, Maine

• This assembly occurred at the end of our career day. It was an excellent culminating activity. The goals of positive character traits, making wise choices, setting positive goals, and avoiding drugs and other dangers are very appropriate in making career choices. Natalie Young, Principal, Marlborough Middle School, Kansas City, Missouri

• Thank you for your excellent presentation. The comments by students were all very positive. The comment I heard the most was, “AWESOME!” Teachers commented that the positive message given along with the engaging demonstration of the Yo-Yos supported positive values including the benefits of working hard, planning ahead and resisting negative peer pressure. Thank you once again for giving our school the opportunity to experience this worthwhile assembly! Chris Toy, Freeport Middle School, Freeport, Maine

• I wanted to send this letter to thank you greatly for your presentation at our school. It was a great presentation on self-esteem and goal-setting. . . . I like the way you blended a fun activity with the serious topic of goal-setting and the “following through” concept. Michael Pulsifer, Principal, Loranger Middle School, Old Orchard Beach, Maine

~ Elementary Schools ~

• Many thanks from the faculty, staff, and students of Manteo Elementary School for your wonderful and meaningful performance. Some of the teachers commented that it was the best assembly that they had ever experienced! Dennis’ engaging personality and obvious skills with yo-yos, and Carol’s effective songs made it an enjoyable experience for all. . . .

Your message of “Dare to Dream/Dare to Do” was excellent. Saying no to drugs and peer pressure is not often presented in a such skillful way. . . . Thank you both for teaching such good values to children. Your program was highly motivating to the students, faculty, and staff. Susan R. Nordmann, Principal, Manteo Elementary School, Manteo, North Carolina

• I was very concerned when I saw yo-yo assembly on the calendar . . . because I had so much to do in my classroom. But after seeing your program and the message you had to offer I just wanted to let you both know what a wonderful assembly it was. The children thoroughly enjoyed your humor, the yo-yo demonstration, the two songs, and the message on drugs. . . .

I sincerely hope you will be able to come back to our school. I wish the younger students could have seen the program, too. What you have to offer can be geared for all age groups. . . . It was by far the best assembly I have seen this year. Come back again. Penny Robbins, Third Grade Teacher, Manteo Elementary School, Manteo, North Carolina

• This was a motivating session which the children loved! Thank you for coming to our school. Judith Scott, School Counselor, Windham Primary School, Windham, Maine

• Great demonstration and the message was very clear. One of the best assemblies I’ve seen in 26 years! Robert Ingerowski, 6th Grade Teacher, Lincoln elementary School, Portland, Maine

• The children were so Quiet! Very age appropriate both in context and length of time. Please come again! Sue Nordhorn, Ed Tech, New Gloucester Memorial School, New Gloucester, Maine

• The program was powerful! Such a positive anti drug message presented in a low-key way will help students to think about their own dreams and the influences of those around them. Students and teachers alike were in awe of the Yo-Yo tricks. Carol’s voice and songs were terrific. Of the many programs we have had in my three years at Reiche, “Dare to Dream, Dare to Do” brought the most positive response. Marguerite MacDonald, Principal, Howard C. Reiche Community School, Portland, Maine

• Mr. McBride has completely validated and confirmed our message of staying drug-free, making wise choices, and setting goals. The McBrides have captured our students’ attention and brought the message home, loud and clear! Mahalo!!! Randy Molina, Vice Principal, Waianae Elementary School, Waianae, Oahu, Hawaii

• Thank you for bringing this valuable message to the children of Hawaii. It’s a wonderful thing you are doing. Very good show . . . informative and entertaining. Karen Kay, GT Teacher, Oral Expression Teacher, Student Council Advisor, Lanakila Elementary School, Honolulu, Hawaii

• Our students were so attentive, listening to every word. The program was fast paced and informative. All married people in the audience appreciated your warm together relationship. Marilyn Taylor, Counselor, Fern Elementary, Honolulu, Hawaii

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