The Masters Series:
Mastering the Art of Yo-Yo Play

This four-volume series is an updated and expanded companion to Dennis McBride’s original Classic Series. It features an incredible total of 290 tricks, and exciting demonstrations by several members of Hawaii’s Team High Performance, including National Champions Alan Batangan, Sky Kiyabu, and Cody Kiyabu. It was filmed in broadcast-quality digital footage.

Mastering the Art of Yo-Yo Play 1 - “Cool Tricks”

Beginning-Intermediate Tricks
80 tricks, 38 minutes

If you’re just beginning your adventure in yo-yo play, or are a relatively new player who wants to graduate to intermediate level, this is the perfect video for you. Dennis will get you started by showing how to select a yo-yo and tune it for maximum performance. Then he’ll teach you more beginning and intermediate tricks than you’ll find on any other video in the world.

Segments include:

1. Selecting a Yo-Yo

2. A Five Step Yo-Yo Tune-Up
Sanding or Oiling Your Yo-Yo
Attaching the String
Cutting the String
Winding the String (Flip Wind & Snap Wind)
Adjusting the String (Sleeping Beauty/UFO)

3. Beginning Tricks
Basic Throw/Gravity Pull
The Sleeper/Spinner
Forward Pass
Loop the Loop (3 variations)
Over the Falls
Three Leaf Clover
Break Away
Around the World (8 variations)
Walk the Dog
Dog Through the Hoop
The Creeper (2 variations)
Rock the Baby
Skin the Cat/Tidal Wave
Elevator (2 variations)
Eddie Spaghetti
Hop the Fence (7 variations)
Planet Hop

4. Intermediate Tricks
Front Pinwheel
Side Pinwheel
Restart/Stop & Go
Bank Deposit (2 variations)
Dog Bite
Pit Stop
Warp Drive
Retro Around the World/Time Warp (2 variations)
Through the Subway (6 variations)
Texas Cowboy (2 variations)
Dizzy Baby
Tiny Baby
Tiny Baby w/ Rock the Baby
Rock the Twins/Joint Custody
Rock the Twins w/ Tiny Baby w/ Rock the Baby
Around the Corner/Pop the Clutch (3 variations)
Man on the Flying Trapeze (2 variations)
Double or Nothing (3 variations)
Reach for the Moon
Eiffel Tower
Yo Maneuver
One-Handed Star (3 variations)
Trapeze Star
Two-Handed Star
The Brain Twister

Mastering the Art of Yo-Yo Play 2 - “Hot Tricks”
String Tricks: Intermediate to Advanced Level
70 tricks, 34 minutes

This volume contains some of the most popular and exciting tricks in yo-yo play. They’re called “string tricks” because they involve transferring the yo-yo from one position on the string to another while doing intricate combinations of mounts, dismounts, rolls, flips, and spins.

Dennis begins these lessons with a series of mounts, dismounts and rolls, then shows you how to build more complex tricks one step at a time. You don’t have to be an expert to tackle this video, but by the time you’re finished, you’ll be a master of string tricks!

Segments include:

1. String Mounts
Basic Front Mount
Over Mount
Pinwheel Over Mount
Under Mount
Pinwheel Under Mount
Around the World Under Mount
Double Under Mount (2 variations)
Front Over/Under Mount (6 variations)
Basic Side Mount
Trapeze Mount
Double Trapeze Mount (2 variations)
Side Pinwheel Mount
Roller Coaster Mount
Vertical Roller Coaster Mount
Hydrogen Bomb Mount
Pinwheel Hydrogen Bomb Mount

2. Dismounts
Drop Dismount
Back-Off Dismount (2 variations)
Flyaway Dismount
Ferris Wheel Dismount
Rewind Dismount (2 variations)
Roll Out Dismount (3 variations)

3. Basic Rolls
Over Roll
Under Roll
Undercut Roll (2 variations)
Double Undercut Roll
Barrel Roll
Reverse Barrel Roll
Mini-Around the World Roll (2 variations)
Swing Roll (3 variations)

4. Front Mount String Tricks
Brain Twister (3 variations)
Atomic Bomb (2 variations)
Splitting the Atom/Atom Smasher
Advanced Splitting the Atom/Atom Smasher

5. Side Mount String Tricks
Man on the Flying Trapeze
Variations on Man on the Flying Trapeze
Double or Nothing
Triple or Nothing
Hydrogen Bomb
Advanced Hydrogen Bomb
Roller Coaster
Super Pinwheel

Mastering the Art of Yo-Yo Play 3 - “Slick Tricks”
Picture Tricks: Beginning to Advanced Level
60 tricks, 33 minutes

Picture Tricks transform your yo-yo string into a work of art as you shape it into intricate pictures and geometric shapes while the yo-yo is sleeping. In these lessons Dennis teaches you how to throw a long Sleeper, and how to perform more than 60 fascinating Picture Tricks, many of which can be quickly mastered even by beginning yo-yo players.

Segments include:

1. Beginning Picture Tricks
Machine Gun
Behind Bars
Ice Cream Cone
Confederate Flag
Confederate Flags
Confederate Star
Hour Glass
Hour Glasses/Shoelaces
Saber Wing
Bow Tie

2. Intermediate Picture Tricks
British Flag
Mini-British Flag
Eiffel Tower
One-Handed Eiffel Tower
Leaning Tower of Pisa
Yo Maneuver
Chinese Puzzle
One-Handed Star
Double One-Handed Star
Two-Handed Star
Ninja Star
Star to Scissors
Star of David
Spider Web
Delta Starship 1

3. Advanced Picture Tricks
Delta Starship 2
Star Warrior of Egypt
Super Chinese Puzzle
Trapeze Star
Starry Night in Paris
Magic Rings
Space Shuttle
Darth Vader
Radiation Sign
Atomic Rocket

4. Twenty Ways to Rock the Baby
Rock the Baby
Dizzy Baby
Crazy Cradle
Tiny Baby
Combination: Rock the Baby/Tiny Baby
Rock the Twins/Joint Custody
Rock the Tiny Twins
One-Handed Baby
Two-Line Swing
Rock Star
Baby Star
Spider Baby
Chinese Baby
Egyptian Baby
Baby Around the Corner
Trapeze Baby
Baby in the Eiffel Tower
French Baby
Brain Twister Baby
Baby Boomer

Mastering the Art of Yo-Yo Play 4 - “Ultimate Tricks”
Two-Handed Tricks: Intermediate to Advanced Level
80 tricks, 25 minutes

Two-handed tricks require the player to use a yo-yo in each hand simultaneously. For many yo-yo players, mastering a two-handed trick is one of the most rewarding aspects of yo-yo play.

In this volume Dennis begins by demonstrating several one-handed “building block tricks” that will prepare you to graduate to two-handed tricks. Some of these tricks can be very challenging to master, but don’t shy away. You may be pleasantly surprised by how quickly you can learn most of them if you’re willing to practice hard.

Segments include:

1. Building Blocks
Loop the Loop (3 variations)
Hop the Fence (6 variations)
Vertical Loops
Reach for the Moon
Around the World (2 variations)
Around the World Crossover (2 variations)
Around the World in Front and Back of Body
Around the World Alternating from Front to Back of Body
Around the World with a Pirouette
Horizontal Around the World
Through the Subway (3 variations)
Warp Drive
Retro Around the World (2 variations)

2. Two-Handed Around the World Tricks
Right & Left Side Around the World (4 variations)
Criss Cross Around the World
Crossover Around the World (2 variations)
Warp Drive Around the World
Retro Around the World

3. Two-Handed Looping & Around the World Tricks
Loop the Loop & Around the World (2 variations)
Loop the Loop & Crossover Around the World (2 variations)
Sword & Shield
Loop the Loop & Horizontal Around the World
Loop the Loop & Through the Subway (3 variations)
Loop the Loop & Warp Drive
Double Warp Drive
Loop the Loop & Retro Around the World

4. Two-Handed Loop the Loop Tricks
Inside Loops (2 variations)
Outside Loops (2 variations)
Transition from Inside Loops to Outside Loops and vise versa
Inside/Outside Loops (Whirlybird) (2 variations)
Criss Cross Loops
Criss Cross Whirlybird
Right (or left) Outside Criss Cross
Transition from Criss Cross to Right Outside Criss Cross
Double Outside Criss Cross
Transition from Inside Loops to Double Outside Criss Cross
Wrist Crossovers (3 variations)
Crossover Whirlybird

5. Other Two-Handed Tricks
Milking the Cow
Crazy Cow (Inside/Outside Cow)
Cross-eyed Cow (Crossover cow)
Cattle Crossing (2 variations)
Behind the Back Cattle Crossing
Cow in a Sidecar (Milking the Cow to right or left side of body)
Transition from Cow in a Sidecar to Double Loops
Cow in a Wheelchair (Milking the Cow with one yo-yo at left side, one at right)
Riding the Horse
Punching the Bag
Overhead Punching the Bag
Shoot the Moon
Two-Handed Reach for the Moon

The Classic Series:
Dennis McBride’s Gallery of Yo-Yo Tricks

This is Dennis McBride’s original four-volume series, which has been enthusiastically received by yo-yo players around the world for more than a decade. It is a slice of yo-yo history as well as a great teaching tool.

Although you will find each of these volumes highly entertaining, that is not their primary purpose. Dennis developed this series to share with you the fun, excitement, challenge, and satisfaction of the sport he has enjoyed for more than 45 years.

Each volume is generous in length and highly instructional.

Dennis McBride’s Introduction to Yo-Yo Play
Beginning to Intermediate Level
25 tricks, 52 minutes

This video features 25 tricks that have been used in official Duncan Yo-Yo Contests for more than 50 years. Recent developments in yo-yo technology and player skill have raised the level of contest play remarkably, yet these tricks remain foundational to a solid grasp of yo-yo play.

Segments include:

1. Tuning Your Yo-Yo

2. Gravity Pull

3. Ten Basic Tricks

The Sleeper/Spinner
Forward Pass
Over The Falls
Break Away
Around The World
Walk The Dog
The Creeper
Rock The Baby
Three Leaf Clover
Loop The Loop

5. Intermediate Tricks
Skin The Cat/Tidal Wave
Through The Subway
The Texas Cowboy
Around The Corner
Man On The Flying Trapeze
Double Or Nothing
The Brain Twister
Reach For The Moon

6. Two-Handed Tricks
Criss Cross
Milking The Cow
Punching The Bag
Riding The Horse
Shoot The Moon

Dennis McBride’s Gallery of String Tricks, Vol. 1
Intermediate to Advanced Level
20+ tricks, 70 minutes

In this popular volume, Dennis teaches more than 20 string tricks that use a front mount, such as Braintwister and Splitting the Atom. Dennis’ now famous “string analyzer” helps make learning the intricate moves of the more complex tricks much easier.

This video is dedicated to Barney Akers, who had a tremendous impact on countless kids, and who is irreplaceable in the world of yo-yo play. We all are indebted to him, and to others like him, who passed the magic of this wonderful sport on to us.

This volume was filmed in 1990, before the now familiar transaxle style yo-yo was available. Therefore, Dennis used a wooden axle Hummingbird butterfly yo-yo, which Brad Countryman (of BC Yo-Yos) made for him. Tom Kuhn completed the prototypes for his SB-2 transaxle yo-yo just as the video was nearing completion, so with Tom’s permission, Dennis added a final segment introducing the SB-2.

In addition to the other features in this video, you’ll also enjoy watching a very young Paul Buethe and Mark Sitton, along with other members of the Chico, California, Bird in Hand Exhibition Team, performing tricks that were new and advanced for their day--and which still look great today.

Segments include:

1. Dedication to Barney Akers

2. Bird in Hand Exhibition Team featuring (in order of appearance)
Ryan Carver
Mel Ditmer
Jeff Smith
David Morrissey
Rich Nye
Mark Sitton
Paul Buethe

3. Introduction & Important Pointers

4. Two basic Tricks
Skin the Cat
Elevator/Monkey Climbing the String

5. String Mounts
Skin the Cat Mount
Over Mount
Pinwheel Mount
Under Mount
Double Under Mount
Skin the Cat to Under Mount
Over/Under Mount
Pinwheel Over/ Under Mount
The Pump Mount (with variations)

6. Dismounts
The Roll Out (with variations)
The Ferris Wheel

7. The Braintwister (with variations)

8. Regeneration of Spin
From Forward Pass
From Loop-the-Loop
From Reach for the Moon

9. The Atomic Bomb (with variations)

10. Splitting the Atom (with variations)

11. Some final comments

12. Introducing the Tom Kuhn SB-2 Yo-Yo

13. String trick combinations with the SB-2

Dennis McBride’s Gallery of String Tricks, Vol. 2
Intermediate to Advanced Level
20+ tricks, 60 minutes

In this essential companion to String Tricks Volume 1, Dennis teaches more than 20 classic side-mount string tricks such as Man on the Flying Trapeze and Double or Nothing. Then he shows how to add various rolls and other intricate techniques to form combinations and routines.
Many of the tricks in this volume had not been taught on video or in print prior to its filming in 1990. Some of them still are not taught elsewhere, other than on our new Mastering the Art of Yo-Yo Play 2 video.

By the time this volume was scripted and ready to film, Tom Kuhn had developed his Roller Woody and Sleep Machine Yo-Yos, which Dennis introduces in his opening segment. He uses a Tom Kuhn Sleep Machine throughout the video.

Segments include:

1. Introducing Tom Kuhn’s Roller Woody & Sleep Machine Yo-Yos

2. Five Building Blocks
Around the World
The Break Away
Man on the Flying Trapeze
Double or Nothing
Triple or Nothing

3. String Mounts
Side Mount
Elevator Mount
Pinwheel Mount
Over/Under Mount
1 1/2 Mount (with variations)

4. Dismounts
Drop Dismount
Back-off Dismount
Flyaway Dismount
Ferris Wheel Dismount

5. Basic Rolls
Under Roll
Over Roll
Double Trapeze Roll
Mini-Around the World Roll
Barrel Roll Roll

6. Transition Rolls
Swing Roll from Trapeze to Double & Triple or Nothing
Mini-Around the World to Double or Nothing
Windmill Roll

7. Variations on Trapeze and Double or Nothing

8. Rewind

9. The Cyclone Racer

10. The Super Pinwheel

11. The Hydrogen Bomb (with variations)

12. World’s most difficult string trick: "El Tangle Grande"

Dennis McBride’s Gallery of Two-Handed Tricks
Intermediate to Advanced Level
30+ tricks, 90 minutes

This is a unique collection of more than 30 of the most exciting and challenging Yo-Yo tricks of all, featuring demonstrations by Robert Litton, Paul Buethe, Don Harrison, Mark Sitton, and Dennis McBride. Please note that the running time is 90 minutes, which gives you a wealth of insights and instruction, all aimed at helping you master two-handed yo-yo play.

This volume was filmed in 1989, and was the first of the Classic Series to be completed. Dennis uses two Hummingbird Trickster Yo-Yos throughout the video.

Segments include:

1. Introduction

2. Demonstrations by

Robert Litton
Paul Buethe
Don Harrison
Dennis McBride

2. Instructional segments
Alternating Loops
Synchronized Inside Loops
Inside/Outside Loops
Spread Eagle Loops
Criss Cross
Inside/Outside Criss Cross
Right Hand Outside Criss Cross
Transition from Criss Cross to Milking the Cow to Criss Cross
Right Hand Wristover Criss Cross
Left Hand Wristover Criss Cross
Double Wristover Criss Cross
Milking the Cow
Cattle Crossing
Combination of Milking the Cow, Cattle Crossing, Outside Criss Cross, Wristover Loops, and Inside/Outside Loops
Double Planet Hop
Circle the Planet.
Transition from Circle the Planet to Shoot the Moon
Punching the Bag
Overhead Punching the Bag
Riding the Horse
Transition from Riding the Horse to Punching the Bag
Shoot the Moon
Transition from Shoot the Moon to Overhead Punching the Bag
Double Reach for the Moon
The Bicycle
Jumping the Rope
Transition to Loops
Double Punch the Bag

3. Closing Comments, Bloopers, and Credits