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Dennis McBride's Yo-Yo Scrapbook

Dennis & His Childhood Mentor, Connie (Scarlett) Mitroff


This is a showcase of some of the Yo-Yo memorabilia I've gathered over the years. I hope you will find it informative and enjoyable.


Although these pictures reflect just a small portion of the history of our wonderful sport, I hope they will help to build a bridge of understanding and appreciation between the generations who share a common love for this amazing toy.


In recent years I've been thrilled to see youngsters take yo-yo play to heights unimagined in my youth. I salute their awesome skills and the technology that has helped them achieve the unthinkable.


You may download these pictures if you wish, but please cite the source. Thank you.


Scrapbook Contents

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McBride Signature Yo-Yo Collection

Contest Trophies from the Past

Patches & Stickers

Yo-Yo Tour Photo Album

Yo-Buddies & Miscellaneous Yo-Yo Goodies

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