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Japan "4/4 Event" & National Competition

~ April 4, 1998 ~


On April 4, 1998, Japan's Bandai Toy Company and Hawaii's HPK Marketing joined forces to host a history-making event at Chiba, Japan's spectacular Makahari Mesa Convention Complex. The event showcased multiple yo-yo companies and some of the finest yo-yo players in the world, and attracted approximately 45,000 yo-yo enthusiasts. It was a marvelous experience, especially for those of us who have grown up with yo-yo play but never dreamed we'd see it rise to the level of popularity and play we witnessed there. We hope these pictures will give you a little flavor of that special day.

A portion of the audience

More of the audience

Dennis on stage ~ Each of the four US National Yo-Yo Masters were honored, given special red jackets to wear and asked to do demonstrations and to help judge the National competition.

Dennis & Carol on stage

Dennis & Carol perform "the kiss"

Giving an autograph is always an honor

National Masters Dale Myrberg, Bill deBoisblanc & Dennis

The National Masters perform on stage (Dale Oliver, Bill deBoisblanc & Dennis (Dale Myrberg is off camera on the left)

Dennis poses with Tom Kuhn's "Big Yo"

Dennis performs double loops

Dennis with National Master sign made specifically for this event

Japan THP Camp & National Competition

~ April, 1999 ~

Members of Japan THP Team preparing for competition

Japan THP Members practice striking a pose for their freestyle routines

1999 World Champion Takumi Nagase and his mother

Takumi demonstrates for his fellow THP members

Hasagawa coaches his parents

The very serious Judge Watanabe!

Part of the audience at the National Competition

Carol, Alex Garcia, and Alan Batangan share a joke prior to their demonstrations

1998 World Champion Jennifer Baybrook on stage

Alex Garcia on stage

Alex Garcia on stage

Alfred Pacheco (Hawaii THP) on stage

Alfred Pacheco (Hawaii THP) on stage

USA THP team on stage (l to r: Kenichi Nakamura, Alex Garcia, Alfred Pacheco, Alan Batangan, Jennifer Baybrook)

USA THP team on stage (l to r: Alan Batangan, Alfred Pacheco, Jennifer Baybrook, Alex Garcia, Kenichi Nakamura)

THP Japan on stage performing Vertical Loops

THP Japan on stage performing "Yo For It!"

A young THP Japan fan

THP Japan haircut!

Japan National Competition awards ceremony


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1999 World Competition, Honolulu, Hawaii

~ August, 1999 ~

Trophy display

Trophy display

1998 World Champion Jennifer Baybrook graces the stage

More of Jennifer on stage

Alex Garcia: poetry in motion

More of Alex

Some off-string magic!

More off-string magic!

Matt Harlow wows the crowd

Joshua vanDalen is "On a Mission"

More of Joshua

1999 Single "A" World Champion Joel Zink earning his title

Mr. Originality, Sky Kyabu weaving his string magic

The ladies of THP in action

Funz a Poppin's creative and disciplined Mega Team routine

Winners of the BC Challenge strike a pose. Wood is good!

Some Yo-Buddies from the Japan Jikkoto Team

Single "A" Division awards

The new World Champion, Takumi Nagasi, rejoices

Takumi hugging his trophy

"AA" Division winners with the judges

Judge Dale Oliver, Champion Takumi Nagasi, & Judge Watanabe

Precision Team Champions: "Team Heimlech" of Hawaii (Ryan Lai, Sky Kyabu, Cody Kyabu, Alan Batangan)

Mega Team Champions: "The Hooters" of Hawaii

Even old guys can set records (Dennis McBride setting AYYA World Record for Milking the Cow)

Old guy rejoicing with fellow old guys! (Bill deBoisblanc, Dennis McBride, Dale Myrberg)

Matt Harlow setting AYYA World Record for Double Reach for the Moon (Dale Myrberg watching)

New AYYA World Record holders pose with Dale Oliver and Dale Myrberg

Dennis McBride poses with his adopted yo-son, Takumi Nagasi at closing banquet

Everything is OK for the new World Champion. Congratulations to Takumi and all the other competitors. You all are winners in our book!

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Korea Tour

~ August, 1999 ~

Seoul, Korea, from the Seoul Tower

Seoul, Korea, from the Seoul Tower Tramway

Dennis & Carol on Korean Television program

"The Kiss!"

Members of the Korean Yo-Yo Association

Banner announcing one of our in-store demonstrations

THP team members Jordan Sambueno & Ashley Pacheco, both from Hawaii

Seoul department store demonstration

Some Korean fans and friends. They were great! We miss them.

More mugging for the camera

A very supportive fan

Learning Four Flags

Got it!

One-Handed Double Eiffel Tower

Autograph time

Jordan Sambueno at work

Ashley Pacheco

Ashley at work

Lying down on the job!

Touring isn't all fun and games

Korea Tour Poster #1

Korea Tour Poster #2

Korea Tour Poster #3

Korea Tour Poster #4

Korea Tour Poster #5

Korea Tour Poster #6


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Various Other Tours & Demonstrations

Dennis on stage (center) at Disneyland's 1988 "Blast to the Past"

"Blast to the Past" audience (1988)

In-store demonstration at Boston's Quincy Marketplace (1997)

Dennis & Honolulu HPK's Alan Nagao entertain a lunchtime crowd at Boston's Quincy Marketplace (1997)

Carol "Walks the Dog" at a 1997 Lenexa, Kansas Children's Healthfair (Wind Wizard's Chris Moore on microphone)

Dennis & Terry Davolt entertain at the 1997 Kansas Spirit Festival in Kansas City, Kansas (Terry was the lead entertainer at Harrah's Casino in Kansas City)

Dennis gives a quick lesson to the co-hosts of "Good Morning Kansas City" prior to the show

Dennis & Carol pose outside John Harris' Kitty Hawk Kites on the Outer Banks of North Carolina (1998)

Dennis, Carol & Danny Algers (Kitty Hawk Kites) appear on a Norfolk, VA TV Show (1998)

Dennis & Carol pose near the French Quarter, New Orleans, LA (1998)

"Milking the Cow" outside Kites, Tails & Toys in the Riverwalk Shopping Complex in New Orleans (1998)

Dwarfed by Big Wheels ~ Orlando, Florida (1998)

Dennis entertains the fans from atop a dugout during the seventh inning stretch of a Delaware semi-pro ballgame

Dennis performs for fans during the 1998 France Hyper Yo-Yo Tour

A view from the audience

Dennis, Jennifer Baybrook & Mackenzie Yoshida pose outside the Louvre in Paris, France (1998)

Jennifer, Carol, Mackenzie & Dennis at the Eiffel Tower (1998)

A French camera crew films Dennis at the Eiffel Tower for a segment of a television program promoting the France Hyper Yo-Yo tour (1998)

A beautiful Japanese Garden near Osaka, Japan

Outdoor demonstration in Osaka, Japan (1997)

The Tokyo Tower, Tokyo, Japan (1997)

HPK's Tony Beasley, Richard Lee, Nalukai Hookano & Dennis perform the "Tokyo Tower" trick at the Tokyo Tower (1997)

Dennis is flanked by Bandai's Mega Rangers at Bandai Toy Fair in Tokyo, Japan (1997)

Outdoor performance at the Beautiful Canal City Shopping Complex in Fukuoka, Japan (1998)

Carol gives a lesson to some eager students in traditional Japanese kimono dress

Time to pose for the camera!

Hong Kong mall performance (1998)

Singapore Mall performance (1998)

Hong Kong Mall audience (1998)

Dennis addresses the student body of a large Singapore middle/high school (1998)

Dennis & Alfred Pacheco (Hawaii THP) appear on a Singapore television program for kids and teens

Some Los Angeles THP members pose for the camera following a USC Healthfair demonstration (1999)

Founding members of Hawaii's Team High Performance (THP) receive Citations from the Hawaii State Senate (1999)

Members of Hawaii THP perform for the Hawaii State Senate prior to receiving Citations for their role as international goodwill ambassadors for the "Aloha spirit" (1999)

Posing outside the Senate Chambers in Honolulu, Hawaii (1999) (Standing l to r: Alan Nagao, Ross Pascual, Alex Garcia, Devin Yamada, Cody Kiyabu & Dennis McBride; Kneeling l to r: Sky Kiyabu, Yeves Young, Noel Popam & Alfred Pacheco)

Dennis performs at a special pre-release screening of Disney's Toy Story 2 (2000)

More from Toy Story 2 (2000)

More from Toy Story 2 (2000)

More from Toy Story 2 (2000)

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