National YoYo Museum


320 Broadway, Chico, CA 95928

Phone: 530-893-0545 ~ Fax: 530-893-0797

I've included this page in my scrapbook because I want you to catch a glympse of the rich heritage of our sport on display at the National YoYo Museum. If at all possible, visit the museum in Chico, California. You'll be glad you did. And be sure to say hello to Bob & Barbara Malowney and their staff. They're great people who've done a tremendous service to the entire yo-yo community.

Museum Displays

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  1. Duncan Gold Seal Yo-Yo - Duncan's first production yo-yo.

  2. Duncan Pony Boy Display

  3. Box of Cheerio Yo-Yos

  4. Display of Early Duncan Yo-Yos

  5. More Early Duncan Yo-Yos

  6. Instruction Book & String Display

  7. Duncan Trophies

  8. Duncan Trophies & Patches

  9. Duncan Trophies & Patches

  10. Duncan Award Sweater & Patches

  11. Award Patches Display

  12. Award Patches Display

  13. Award Patches Display

  14. Award Patches Display

  15. Award Patches Display

  16. Award Patches Display

  17. Award Patches Display

  18. Large Tom Kuhn Flying Camel Patch

  19. Spintastics Award Patches

  20. Duncan Satellites Yo-Yo Display

  21. Duncan Satellites Yo-Yo Display

  22. Jack Russell Yo-Yos Display

  23. Tom Kuhn Yo-Yos Display

  24. Tommy Smothers Picture

  25. Tommy Smothers Yo-Yo Display

  26. Chico Contest Yo-Yos & Awards

  27. Chico Contest Yo-Yos & Awards

  28. National Champion Trophy

  29. National Champion Trophy

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Yo-Yo Samples

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  1. Cheerio Yo-Yo

  2. Duncan "Big G"

  3. Goody Filipino Twirler

  4. Goody Filipino Twirler

  5. Duncan #77

  6. Jumbo Duncan Award

  7. Duncan Flattop

  8. Duncan Expert Flattop

  9. Duncan Expert Award

  10. Duncan 4-Jewell

  11. Duncan 4-Jewell

  12. Duncan 4-Jewell

  13. Duncan Litening

  14. Duncan Pearlessence Tournament

  15. Duncan Tournament

  16. Duncan Crossed Flags Tournament

  17. Duncan Tournament

  18. Duncan Chevron Imperial

  19. Duncan Chevron Imperial

  20. Duncan Chevron Imperial

  21. Duncan Wooden Beginners

  22. Duncan Plastic Beginners

  23. Duncan Velvet

  24. Duncan Velvet

  25. Vince Cobb's YoPilot

  26. Mark Sitton's YoNatural

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