McBride's Yo-Buddies

These are just a few of the wonderful friends we've had the privilege of working with over the years.

Latest Update: 05/26/14


"Yo-Yo Grandma" performs four flags (1998)

Granny performs Eiffel Tower atop the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France (1999)

Johnny Tillotson - Singer, Yo-Yo Collector and dear friend. Be sure to visit Johnny's web site at

More of Johnny

Johnny's American Bandstand trading card

Michael Lee performs at Disneyland's Blast to the Past (1988)

"Return of the Yo-Yo" exhibit: Don Watson (Dr. Yo), Dennis, Don Duncan Jr., Harvey Lowe, Robert Litton, Tommy Smothers, Tom Kuhn, Wilf Shelle and Lance Lew (1990)

"Return of the Yo-Yo" demonstration: Harvey Lowe, Robert Litton and Dennis (Hilltop Mall, 1990)

"Return of the Yo-Yo demonstration at the Fair Oaks Mall in Fairfax, Va: Mark Sitton, Stuart Crump, Jennifer Baybrook, Dale Oliver and Harvey Lowe (1990)

Dennis and Jennifer Baybrook perform "Fireworks" at the Hawaiian Hilton Hotel, Honolulu, Hawaii (1997)

Dennis with "Broccoli Man" (ugh!) - 1998 Kansas Children's Health and Fitness Fair in Lenexa,

Dennis with Mr. Edy (of Edy's Ice Cream - yea!) - 1998 Kansas Children's Health and Fitness Fair in Lenexa, Kansas

Dennis with Greg Hill (Kansas City Chiefs) - 1998 Kansas Children's Health and Fitness Fair in Lenexa, Kansas

National Masters Dennis McBride, Dale Myrberg, Bill deBoisblanc and Dale Oliver at 1998 National Yo-Yo Competition in Chico, CA

1998 National Yo-Yo Competition Judges: Dennis McBride, Dale Myrberg, Bill deBoisblanc, Dale Oliver, Arne Dixon and Cliff Coleman

Bill deBoisblanc, Jennifer Baybrook and Alex Garcia with 1998 National Yo-Yo Competition trophies

Dennis, Alex Garcia and Dale Myrberg at the National Yo-Yo Museum, Chico, CA (1998)

Dennis with Arne Dixon (SuperYo - KTA 1999)

Dennis with Brad Countryman (BC Yo-Yos - KTA 1999)

World Champion and great friend Dale Myrberg (KTA 2000)

More of Dale (KTA 2000)

Some of our Hong Kong Yo-Yo buddies (1999)

Hong Kong Yo-Yo players attempt "Fireworks" in the park (1999)

Yomega Yo-Buddies (1999)

Dennis with actor Danny Trejo (Con Air, Spy Kids, etc.) at a cancer patient fundraiser (2000)

More of Danny

Even biker dudes Yo for it!

Dennis with the Power Rangers - Bandai/Mattel hospitality party at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, New York City (2000)

Miscellaneous Yo-Yo Goodies


The Thinker: "I yo, therefore I am."

1930s Our Gang Photo (reprint)

1990 Return of the Yo-Yo Exhibit Schedule for Hilltop Mall

Royal Yo-Yo promotional postcard #1

Royal Yo-Yo promotional postcard #2

More to come later.

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