Dennis McBride’s Yo-Yo Bio
Updated October 2009

Dennis began his yo-yo career at the age of eight, and as a child earned more than 15 yo-yo titles.  In 1995 the American Yo-Yo Association (AYYA) honored Dennis with the title of U.S. National Master, in recognition of his lifetime of exemplary dedication to yo-yo play.  In 2001 the AYYA honored him with the title of U.S. National Grand Master, an honor he shares with only three other players in the world.  In 2006 the organizers of the World Yo-Yo Contest honored Dennis and his late wife Carol with the "Harvey Lowe Lifetime Achievement Award."  In 2007 Dennis was inducted into the AYYA Hall of Fame.

Over the years Dennis has been a guest performer with the Mickey Mouse Club Mouseketeers and "Yo-Yo Man" Tommy Smothers. His first professional yo-yo performance was in Walt Disney’s first 3-Dimensional movie, which played exclusively at the grand opening of the Mickey Mouse Club Theater in the Disneyland theme park in 1955.

Since then, Dennis has performed on behalf of the Disney Studios, Disneyland, the Disney Channel, Mars Candy Company, Mattel Toy Company, Bandai Toy Company (America, Japan, France, Korea, & Taiwan), Six Flags Corporation, Duncan Yo-Yos, BC Yo-Yos, Yomega Corporation, and numerous other companies worldwide.  Additionally, he has produced and starred in nine instructional videos to help promote the art of yo-yo play.

Dennis’ USA television credits include numerous appearances on the four major US networks (ABC, NBC, CBS & FOX), as well as appearances in special programs on Nickelodeon, ESPN, the Discovery Channel, and the FOX Kid’s Network.  He has also been a guest on television programs and film documentaries in France, Korea, Hong Kong, and Japan.

In more recent years Dennis and Carol traveled throughout the United States and internationally, presenting their "Dare to Dream ~ Dare to Do" motivational school assembly to hundreds of thousands of young people.

When he’s not performing, Dennis enjoys teaching younger players and helping judge yo-yo competitions such as the World Yo-Yo Competition and U.S. National Yo-Yo Contest.  He has also lent his judging expertise to the Japan National Competition, French National Competition, and various state and local competitions throughout the United States.

Dennis is deeply grateful for all that the yo-yo community has contributed to his life over the years, and especially for the many wonderful friends he has made along the way.

Dennis and his wife Lynda reside near Solvang, California.

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